Freshly squeezed markets.

No- shares of GME won’t be money of the future.

Some “free” trading apps are perhaps undercapitalized for their business model. Operational risk is real.

Coinbase files for IPO.

Coinbase has submitted a draft registration (Form S1) with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Bitcoin nearly breached $24k today. Coinbase was last valued at $8B During a private funding round in 2018.

Parking meters are not in effect.

Weekend update.

Hey guys, Bitcoin has become more mainstream now that Paypal has announced that it will accept the cryptocurrency as a means of payment. BTC is rising in along with the volume of negative yielding debt.

Negative yields are good for Bitcoin.

Biden is leading Trump by 10 points in final days before election. 6/10 voters say the country is on the wrong track. But- Trump keeping his hopes alive by staying competitive in swing states.

Central banks around the world continue to save dysfunctional economies from blowing up.

Hello from the American Museum of Natural History. It’s just us and the dinosaurs!

Never forget.

I took this picture 10 years ago. I always take a moment to remember 9/11/01. The impact it had on so many lives. As a life long New Yorker- I still remember all the details of that day.

Swiss National Bank is one of the leading tech investors globally.

28% of SNB’s Equity portfolio is allocated to tech stocks. With holdings in Apple ($6.3bn) & Microsoft ($5.8bn).

Greetings from the Alps.

Recent USD weakness.

The Euro has hit 1.20 against the USD, for the first time since May 2018.

However, the Euro cannot be credible alternative without a fiscal & banking union.

Greetings from the park.

Try to relax.

Covid-19 is proof that life is short and unpredictable. Anything can change from one day to the next. Our health, wellbeing, wealth and job security can all be destroyed without a moment’s notice. What we think is ours for life is really just borrowed time.

Greetings from The Hague.

Market correction underway.

Expect more selling, more fear, more uncertainty for weeks to come, especially as the virus spreads in the U.S. Best to raise cash and be ready to max out on margin when we finally reach a bottom. We could be talking about weeks or even months from now.

#coronavirus #marketcorrection #COVID19

Greetings from Bruges.

The first $BTC has been traded on @Bakkt .

The first Bakkt Bitcoin Futures trade was executed at 8:02pm ET at a price of $10,115.<img src="; class="size-full wp”>

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