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Free Trade War

In Environment on November 10, 2009 at 6:13 am

Today, countries are in economic competition, does this further growth? The increased economic activity of earth and big companies threatened to end the world’s eco systems. The answer my friends is more protectionism and self sufficiency- this reducing the use of global resources. One would only consume what he or she produce, internalizing cost. This would make regulation much easier, and the market would reflect the cost of environmental degradation.

The General Agreement of Trade and Tariffs suggests that trade supersedes the importance of the environment.  Why must WE surrender our sovereignty to FREE TRADE?!

European Union of Earth: more voracious than once thought?

In European Union on November 2, 2009 at 10:35 pm

The European Union is not entirely a non-governmental organization. Nor is it a supranational org, rather it’s a mixture of both. The E.U. enables theorists to belive in the concept of binding laws of a coercive nature.
The fact is that the union’s annual budget is around 130 billion usd (equivalent to National deficit of France). Basically, money does not make a difference. The E.U. does not rely on money but on policy. These policies are for the most part of the prevailing norm, that what comes out of the union is binding.

Furthermore, the authority of the union, does not mean that states are going to get along. The source of compliance, has nothing to do with economic resource or means of coercion.

There is a greater scope for the E.U.  Trade, monetary policy, customs, fisheries, agriculture  are exclusive jurisdiction of the E.U.

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