Greek ship carrying Kuwaiti oil to the United States

The Greek supertanker was headed to the U.S. Gulf Coast from Mina Al Ahmadi, Kuwait, loaded with 270-thousand metric tons of crude oil. It was attacked and hijacked early Wednesday morning off the coast of Oman the second incident of its kind in the region in less than 24 hours. The incident, the second against a tanker in the region in 24 hours, comes after unrest in Egypt rekindled concerns over the reliability of oil transit in the Middle East and East Africa.

The owners of the vessel are Greece-based N.S. Lemos & Co.


Published by Andreas Koudellou

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One thought on “Greek ship carrying Kuwaiti oil to the United States

  1. Last year was the worst on record for piracy at sea. Ships
    reported 445 pirate attacks in 2010… a 10% increase from

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