Anglo American Plc Buyout

Anglo American Plc has bought out the Oppenheimer family’s 40% ownership of De Beers for approx. $5.1bn in cash. Anglo, will now control just over 85% of De Beers has forecasted a rise in demand for diamonds in emerging countries…
“We’re seeing in the first half of this year a tremendous increase in demand coming out of emerging countries as well as developed countries,”… “In 2005, India and China represented about 8% of demand. By 2015, India, China and the Gulf will represent about close to 40%.”
Anglo is no stranger to buyouts, having purchased the Minas Rio iron-ore project (Brazil) for $5.5bn in 2008.


Published by Andreas Koudellou

A senior associate focusing on early stage-companies. As a foodie I am a recognized expert on where to find the best dry-aged beef in NYC. I have a deep finance and international relations background, getting my start at the Council on Foreign Relations, UN and then on to HNW/UHNW capital management.

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