Weekend update.

Hey guys, Bitcoin has become more mainstream now that Paypal has announced that it will accept the cryptocurrency as a means of payment. BTC is rising in along with the volume of negative yielding debt.

Negative yields are good for Bitcoin.

Biden is leading Trump by 10 points in final days before election. 6/10 voters say the country is on the wrong track. But- Trump keeping his hopes alive by staying competitive in swing states.

Central banks around the world continue to save dysfunctional economies from blowing up.

Hello from the American Museum of Natural History. It’s just us and the dinosaurs!

Published by Andreas Koudellou

A senior associate focusing on early stage-companies. As a foodie I am a recognized expert on where to find the best dry-aged beef in NYC. I have a deep finance and international relations background, getting my start at the Council on Foreign Relations, UN and then on to HNW/UHNW capital management.

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