Effort = f(volume, distance, friction)… The Fiscal Crisis in Greece.

The fiscal crisis in Greece is deepening, today she stands at a budget deficit of almost 13% of GDP. I fear that the longer Athens waits to adopt a credible solution to deal with the country’s economic  troubles the worse it will get. The cost of Greek debt has already been blamed for the currency decline of the EuroContinue reading “Effort = f(volume, distance, friction)… The Fiscal Crisis in Greece.”

The United Nations – Liberal Institutionalism Abstract

The past year I contracted to work “non-disillusively” as an advisor with the Republic of Greece at the 64th United Nations General Assembly. The following is my theoretical review on the shpiel… The United Nations and European Union are the result of policies put in place to avoid another major world war. Though these organizations haveContinue reading “The United Nations – Liberal Institutionalism Abstract”

Free Trade War

Today, countries are in economic competition, does this further growth? The increased economic activity of earth and big companies threatened to end the world’s eco systems. The answer my friends is more protectionism and self sufficiency- this reducing the use of global resources. One would only consume what he or she produce, internalizing cost. This wouldContinue reading “Free Trade War”

The World’s Crisis Leader, Who Has EMERGED? (lesson of moral hazard)

Of what individuals and or institutions pertaining to leadership are we speaking? It appears the same ‘moral hazard’ that was in existence before the economic crisis of 08′ is exactly what is leading the ‘rescue.’ The mere manifestation of a ‘fund’ (IMF, WB) or organization (G20) that encourages countries to create large debts, should not exist withoutContinue reading “The World’s Crisis Leader, Who Has EMERGED? (lesson of moral hazard)”