Japan & unilateral intervention in FX market.

Japan continues intervening in FX market. “intervened to curb speculative moves against Yen strength; acted in line with G20 and did not intend to distort markets.” – Jun Azumi, Japanese Finance Minister.

EFSF: “A deal has been reached.”

It appears the EFSF deal has been reached. As expected, it will be 1.4 trillion, by using 400-500% leverage on cash. Write down on Greek debt will be 50% (really 29%). Italy pledges to cut debt gdp ratio to 113% by 2013. The TARP, Euro banks will be funded with 30 billion for recapitalization. DowContinue reading “EFSF: “A deal has been reached.””

Elected officials need to address uncertainty not add to it…

US sovereign credit rating has been downgraded and businesses are adapting to a volatile and lower growth marketplace. Americans are cutting spending and saving like never before. The risk is now led by political leaders who are unable to recognize that sovereign debt still exists and is CONTAGIOUS! Oncoming US elections have furthered uncertainty aboutContinue reading “Elected officials need to address uncertainty not add to it…”

It’s official in 2041 Greece will be underwater, right alongside Atlantis.

Its official greece is in selective default. If you’re a holder of Greek bonds right now, (sucks to be u) maturities will be extended, but you have three choices. One: You can do nothing, and hope that Greece pays you in full and on time. two: Extend your maturities out to 30 years, and acceptContinue reading “It’s official in 2041 Greece will be underwater, right alongside Atlantis.”