Damage to iconic Japanese companies:

Toyota: Evacuation of employees at car plants that make braking and suspension systems.The factory in Miyagi, was destroyed. Nissan: 1500 Infiniti automobiles were destroyed at the ports. Sapporo: The beer brewer’s Sendai plant was destroyed. Sony: Plants that manufacture magnetic tapes, blu-ray disks, batteries, and rd offices were severely damaged.

Oil Product Shipping Costs to Japan…

In 2011 the cost of shipping a gallon of gasoline, jetfuel, lng, or any other petro product from the middle east to Japan was virtually unchanged for despite protests througout the Middle East. Today, the cost of shipping these products is set to advance 67%! A 5 year high! As Japan has begun replacing itsContinue reading “Oil Product Shipping Costs to Japan…”

Debt-ravaged Greece seeks solar-powered growth.

Greece hopes concentrated solar power technology can become an opportunity for the debt-ravaged country to seek a better future. Plans are underway to build the worlds largest solar park over depleted coal mines in the city of Kozani (Κοζάνη, Μακεδονία). The project has been estimated to cost 600 million euros approximately 807 million USD andContinue reading “Debt-ravaged Greece seeks solar-powered growth.”

Free Trade War

Today, countries are in economic competition, does this further growth? The increased economic activity of earth and big companies threatened to end the world’s eco systems. The answer my friends is more protectionism and self sufficiency- this reducing the use of global resources. One would only consume what he or she produce, internalizing cost. This wouldContinue reading “Free Trade War”