Positive about Gold

“A survival of primitive barbarism, and dates from a time when the appeal of this nice bright metal to human vanity made it in universal demand for the adornment of the chief… his wife, the temples of the gods and so on” – Hartley Withers @ UK think-tank Chatham House in 1934.

The “Aphrodite” LNG

Debt levels in a number of economies of the European Union (GIIPS) continue to alarm the global markets—requiring European Union intervention to avert default. As concerns about fiscal sustainability and the oncoming financial turbulence approach, the Republic of Cyprus has announced that it has broken ground on its natural gas reserves. Large tracts of liquefiedContinue reading “The “Aphrodite” LNG”

Elected officials need to address uncertainty not add to it…

US sovereign credit rating has been downgraded and businesses are adapting to a volatile and lower growth marketplace. Americans are cutting spending and saving like never before. The risk is now led by political leaders who are unable to recognize that sovereign debt still exists and is CONTAGIOUS! Oncoming US elections have furthered uncertainty aboutContinue reading “Elected officials need to address uncertainty not add to it…”

It’s official in 2041 Greece will be underwater, right alongside Atlantis.

Its official greece is in selective default. If you’re a holder of Greek bonds right now, (sucks to be u) maturities will be extended, but you have three choices. One: You can do nothing, and hope that Greece pays you in full and on time. two: Extend your maturities out to 30 years, and acceptContinue reading “It’s official in 2041 Greece will be underwater, right alongside Atlantis.”

Damage to iconic Japanese companies:

Toyota: Evacuation of employees at car plants that make braking and suspension systems.The factory in Miyagi, was destroyed. Nissan: 1500 Infiniti automobiles were destroyed at the ports. Sapporo: The beer brewer’s Sendai plant was destroyed. Sony: Plants that manufacture magnetic tapes, blu-ray disks, batteries, and rd offices were severely damaged.

Oil Product Shipping Costs to Japan…

In 2011 the cost of shipping a gallon of gasoline, jetfuel, lng, or any other petro product from the middle east to Japan was virtually unchanged for despite protests througout the Middle East. Today, the cost of shipping these products is set to advance 67%! A 5 year high! As Japan has begun replacing itsContinue reading “Oil Product Shipping Costs to Japan…”