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The first $BTC has been traded on @Bakkt .

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The first Bakkt Bitcoin Futures trade was executed at 8:02pm ET at a price of $10,115.<img src="; class="size-full wp”>

Arm aber sexy.

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Berlin is broke.IMG_4250

July 2016

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coal power stations

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Germany is increasing her coal-fired power plants as output from natural gas-fired power plants and wind turbines drop.

U.S. Inventories and Production Levels: Natural Gas & Crude Oil

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U.S. Inventories and Production Levels.


Strategic Oil Chokepoints – jpm

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The most important naval choke points were first identified by John Fisher in his defense of continued British colonialism (important colonies in parentheses):[1]

A Russian collapse due to oil prices would make NY real estate affordable again.

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Chinese metal inventory spells disaster for bulk vessels.

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The following chart shows Chinas raw iron ore imports. Not a good time to be a bulk carrier…


Bank of Italy director says no major requirements needed for Italian banks.

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Yes, it’s all fine. nobody worry about anything
Director Saccomanni (Bank of Italy).

CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Contest Bonus Bucks for Friday, November 18

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Bonus Bucks for Friday, November 18 (the ones posted Thursday night).

1. On Wednesday, the Bank of England predicted that inflation would fall to what level in two year’s time?
D. 1.3 percent

2. Despite the U.S. consumer confidence at recession levels, Smead Capital Management believes its time to buy shares of consumer discretionary stocks. Which ones does it suggest?
A. Walgreen, Starbucks, Nordstrom

3. According to Hiring For Attitude, one of’s best books for the holidays, what percentage of newly hired employees fail within 18 months?
A. 46 percent

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