A Russian collapse due to oil prices would make NY real estate affordable again.



Shale gas exploration in China


Chinese metal inventory spells disaster for bulk vessels.

The following chart shows Chinas raw iron ore imports. Not a good time to be a bulk carrier…


Commodities volatility

Social unrest and revolt during the Arab spring led to a restricted N African supply of crude. Japan’s catastrophic quake halted her industrial production lines. These events created unprecedented volatility in the raw commodities industry, the volatility is set to continue through 2012 as more austere fiscal measures are adopted.

Bank of Italy director says no major requirements needed for Italian banks.

Yes, it’s all fine. nobody worry about anything
Director Saccomanni (Bank of Italy).

The ECB must stop the meltdown by buying GIIPS bonds

If the IMF is asked for funds from the EU, it won’t have enough resources for the rest of the worlds emerging markets if there is a contagion.

The fiscal situation in the EU’s GIIPS countries is not good, but it’s not like they were jewels to begin with, they’ve battled these problems for decades, even centuries.

The ECB must resolve this. Today, there exists a real possibility that the EZ might just break apart and countries would return to multiple currencies.

The ECB must stop the meltdown by buying GIIPS bonds as needed.

Statistics in Greece is a combat sport

Elstat is Greece’s new independent statistics agency. Elstat has been commissioned by the European Commission to “clean up” the statistics, after decades of corruption and inadequacy by the Greek finance ministry.

Yet, Elstat is now facing opposition in the form of an official criminal investigation by the Greek government for “inflating the scale of the country’s financial crisis.

Accusations include delay in diaper aments of loan tranches.

The market will open down 100% tomorrow, Thank You, Republican National Security Debate

Tonights Republican debate is focusing on national security and foreign policy issues. So far, the candidates have been unable to understand if the next Iranian regime will likely want nuclear weapons too.

I guess “Africa is a country”…and according to Rick Perry’s math “half a trillion” is actually equal to “500 million.”

we should spend even MORE money on Defense! – Mitt Romney

“Africa is a country on the brink.” – Rick Santorum

genocide overseas? Not our business, beer should be illegal – Ron Paul,

Iran has mountains and shit – Herman Cain

Chilean models http://bit.ly/sivhRn – Newt Gingritch

give mexican drug lords medical care and scholarships – Rick Perry

“voices in my head said” – Michelle Bachman

CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Contest Bonus Bucks for Friday, November 18

Bonus Bucks for Friday, November 18 (the ones posted Thursday night).

1. On Wednesday, the Bank of England predicted that inflation would fall to what level in two year’s time?
D. 1.3 percent

2. Despite the U.S. consumer confidence at recession levels, Smead Capital Management believes its time to buy shares of consumer discretionary stocks. Which ones does it suggest?
A. Walgreen, Starbucks, Nordstrom

3. According to Hiring For Attitude, one of CNBC.com’s best books for the holidays, what percentage of newly hired employees fail within 18 months?
A. 46 percent

EU Vassals.

One, politics in Europe are local, not “European.”
Two, monetary, fiscal, and labor policy are at the core of the problems in the GIIPS.
Third, The EU had better identify itself and make its presence known- finally.

It is her “fight or flight” moment. The Entire EU hangs in the balance, and coupled with that the US economy. Sovereign debt and negative growth are actually spreading.

Mr. Monti and Mr. Papademos must play a role in tightening the fiscal policies and make the structural reforms needed. These technocrats, should provide a positive step in increasing pro investor policy.

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